Lenovo moto z2 Force Meta Bumper

Lenovo moto z2 Force Meta Bumper




Moto Z2 Force Case, Lenovo Aluminum Metal Bumper Case Moto Mods Compatible Anti-scratch Shockproof Black Protective Case for Motorola Moto Z2 Force

Dual Protect: aluminum metal bumper protects your moto z2 force from direct collision damage. Flocking layer inside, anti-scratch and shockproof
Signal Lossless: Smart open loop of the enclosed metal frame provide the clear path for the signal to get through. Unique design does not interfere cell phone Receive and Transmit information / signal / wifi
Precisely diamond cut doesn’t interfere using Moto MODs at the same time
One buckle locking, easy install: Elegant, stylish and exceedingly premium
Unique design with same color for moto z2 force

Aluminium bumper design allows you to see cellphone’s good looking and use Moto MODs at the same time.
Provides drop protection,this aluminium bumper features anti-shock protection to maximise the safety of the device. Not only does it protect your phone, but it looks great also.
Keeps your phone slim and light. It was originally designed to be easily access all ports, controls & connectors.
Easy to install and remove.